Fertilizer, soil and protection
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Hit Season
Wholesale, Retail, Internet shop
Russia, Sverdlovskaya obl, Berezovskiy, Rezhevskoy trakt, 15 rm, 5 A
GC "Hit Season" offers not only wholesale, but also retail customers goods for the garden and garden. Visit our store on the Rezhevsky tract. We are the official distributors of many manufacturing companies, which allows us to offer you quality goods at affordable prices. In stock: seeds, fertilizers, soils, pest control, garden tools, picnic items, lawn grass, fountains, ponds, and many more garden attributes.
Netherlands, Aalsmeerderweg 103B, 1432 CJ Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
Hortus Supplies International B.V.  is a horticultural supply company offering a full range of products and services to clients who are active in professional horticulture outside the Netherlands. The experienced and dedicated staff provide expert help and personal service to our customers.

Hvoyniki / Vyyko A., Businessman
Wholesale, Retail, Services
Russia, Volgogradskaya obl
Ornamental plants, seeds. Landscape design service.
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Nursery, Garden center
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Dmitrov district, village of Nikolskoye, 114
Landscape and engineering design and construction, as well as pre-study.
Internet-shop of seeds, seedlings and flowers
Retail, Post delivery, Internet shop

Internet-shop offers wide range of seeds.

Jarden Ltd.
Wholesale, Retail, Services
Russia, Sverdlovskaya obl, Ekaterinburg, 40-letiya Komsomola, 1J

Jarden specializes in wholesale and retail trades of flower business goods.

Russia, Moscow , Lodochnaya St., 5, bld. 1
Wholesale cut flowers, potted plants, related products.
Kadm Ltd.
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture
Russia, Altayskiy kray, Biysk g, Merlina St., 38

The plant produces a series of products for horticulturalists under Golden Flora brand.

Russia, Moscow , Grayvoronovskaya St., 14, bld. 1
Goods for garden and home.
Russia, Kemerovskaya obl, Kemerovo g, Shaturskaya St., 4a

We produces and sells fertilizers.

KFH Vereyskoe
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery, Post delivery, Internet shop, Farmstead
Russia, Moskovskaya obl
Nursery of ornamental plants.
Photo catalog
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