Fertilizer, soil and protection
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Klimov A., Businessman
Manufacture, Wholesale, Retail
Russia, Rostovskaya obl
Production of organic fertilizers.
Wholesale, Manufacture
Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, 1st Mashinostroitelny pereulok, 3, North-west Industrial Zone, 344016

We are the only enterprise in Russia producing a substrate for plant growing from mineral wool.

KonversAgro / Strom-S Ltd.
Wholesale, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow , Godovikova St., 9

We offer goods for greenhouses, fertilizers, garden implements.

Koppert Rus Ltd.
Wholesale, Services
Russia, Moscow , Mezhdunarodnaya St., 20/19
We provide a comprehensive system of professional knowledge and safest natural solutions that increase the level of environmental friendliness, sustainability and productivity of agricultural crops.
Kostroma chemical plant CJSC
Manufacture, Wholesale
Russia, Kostromskaya obl
Production of a large range of household chemicals, building materials and goods for gardeners: fertilizers, insecticides, vitriol and plant protection products.
Krasnaya Niva, Garden Center
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Manufacture
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Dolgoprudnyi, Vinogradnaya St., 9R
A wide rage (over 600 species and varieties) of tropical and subtropical plants from Russia and Holland, Means for plant care, Plant containers.
Krasniy klen / Kibisov A., businessman
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery, Garden center
Russia, Smolenskaya obl, Smolensk, Novo-Mosskovskaya St., 2/8
We offer ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs, annuals, ampelous plants, perennials, seeds.
Krasnyi klen, Nursery
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery
Nyrsery of ornamental plants.
Krasnyi sad
Manufacture, Wholesale, Services, Retail
Russia, Leningradskaya obl, Sertolovo, Molodezhnaya St., 100
Production of fertile soil, soil mixtures, 4-component land based on compost, transitional milled peat, humus and fertile soil layer, taken only 10 cm, mechanized.
Krymsortsemovoshch, OJSC
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture, Post delivery
Russia, Kubanskaya St., 17, Simferopol, Krym

We offer seeds of vegetable, flowers, grown, etc.

Kton, Internet-shop
Retail, Internet shop
Russia, Moscow
The specialized Internet-shop of a goods for garden and house.
Lady & Fler, ООО
Wholesale, Services, Retail
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Domodedovo g, Kashirskoe sh., 7
We offer fresh cut flowers.
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