Gardener’s Green Pharmacy Co. Ltd.

Wholesale, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow
+7 495 967-8151
+7 495 967-8151

"Gardener’s Green Pharmacy" Ltd. is a producer of means for plant protection in customer-size packages. Original developments, the best domestic and foreign preparations.

Novelties of 2008: Doctor for protection of pot plants from pests under home conditions.
Growth regulators: Atlet for preventing overgrowing and formation of compact seedlings for greenhouses and homes. Kornevin for rooting of cuttings.

Means of protection from any pest and disease: Zubr, Grom, Grom-2, Pochin, Groza, (Meta), Skor, Maxim and many others.

Contact and selective herbicides: Glifos, Uragan Forte and Lintur.

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  • Удобрения, почвогрунты, средства защиты
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