Agro "De Arend" B.V.

Wholesale, Manufacture
Netherlands, Tielsestraat 95, 4041CS Kesteren, The Netherlands
+31 488 48-3275
+31 488 48-2895

Agro "De Arend" is a wholesale dealer specialised in nursery products, which was founded in 1965 as a supplier for the local market. The company has a long-standing commitment and tradition of offering only the finest quality merchandise at fair prices to customers all over Europe. Product offerings are greatly expanded throughout the years to include more than 1000 different items.

The range of products is divided into groups with different purposes such as:

  • Bamboo canes from 3 feet till 17 feet
  • Flowersticks from 25 till 90 sm
  • Rootball nets from 35 till 175 sm
  • Hessian squares from 40 till 200 sm
  • Pots and containers till 1500 ltr
  • All types of Marking, Labels, Tools, Tyings and Protections
Company profile
  • Емкости для растений
  • Садовая техника и инвентарь
  • Удобрения, почвогрунты, средства защиты
  • Оборудование для зеленого бизнеса
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