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+7 495 745-0056, 745-0057

Hot and cold mist aerosol generators for in- and outdoor plant protection, disinfection of cattle breeding premises, greenhouses, mushroom sellers, warehouses, grain storages, etc.

As well as -

  • Simple and combine fertilizers, chelate microelements, means of plant protection
  • Associated goods: hydrogel, spanbond, bubble film, special film for greenhouses, etc.
  • Designing, delivery and supervision of irrigation systems mounting (including drip irrigation) for open and protected ground, for household plots and lawns
  • Capillary mats, covering and shading materials for greenhouses, special cloth and netting for gardening and floriculture.
  • Up-to-date film greenhouses of tunnel and modular types for professional production of agricultural crops
  • The company’s own production of the best natural pollinators for agricultural crops - bumble-bee families.
Company profile
  • Удобрения, почвогрунты, средства защиты
  • Оборудование для теплиц и открытого грунта
  • Оборудование для зеленого бизнеса
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