Fruit and berry plants

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Garden Pharmacy, Medical Social & Industrial Adaptation Center
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow , Leninskiy prospect, 44

CMSPA Center presents its project Garden Pharmacy – conceptual approach to laying parks, gardens, alleys, lawns, curative gardening, recreational, educational and creative usage of landscape architecture with an allowance for hereditary peculiarities and social traditions of the user.

Barvinok / Podgayko N., Businessman
Wholesale, Retail, Internet shop, Garden center
Russia, Voronezhskaya obl, Novousmansk d., Babyakovo, per. Uyzhnyi, 14
Goods for landscaping.
Rozaliya Ltd.
Wholesale, Internet shop, Retail, Nursery
Russia, Ulyanovskaya obl
Rosalia online store presents the best planting material grown under the Rosalia brand.
Zolotoi Ilm Ltd.
Wholesale, Services, Retail, Nursery
Russia, Primorskiy kray
Cultivation and sale of fruit and berry and ornamental trees and shrubs, coniferous plants.
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Farmstead, Garden center
Russia, Moskovskaya obl

Landscape design service.

Adoma Ltd.
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Nursery, Garden center
Russia, Tatarstan Resp, Tukaevskiy r-n, Naberezhnie Chelni g, Belous, Solnechnaya St., 22
Landscape design service.
Agricultural company Novyi sad
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery, Garden center
Russia, Penzenskaya obl
Agricultural company specializes in growing and marketing of planting material of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, flower and vegetable seedlings.
Agro-Industrial House, ODO
Wholesale, Manufacture, Nursery
Pr. Nezavisimosti 131, bldg 1, Post box 469
One of the largest in Byelorussia producers and suppliers of seeds and planting stock.
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