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Russia, Moscow , B. Polyanka, 42, bld. 1
Academic School of Design was founded in 1997. Member of the International Association "Union of Designers» (SOCIETY OF DESIGNERS international association).
Russia, Moscow , Volokolamskoe shosse 116 bldg. 1
Russia, Moscow , Moscow

Exclusive panels and articles made from shells.

Russia, Moscow , Severny boulevard, 17a

"April", the children`s school of flower arrangement.

Russia, Moscow
School of modern floristic design.
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Artistic studio Floral Painting
Retail, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow , Bolshaya Tulskaya Str., 2, office 591

Artistic studio of Ludmila Gavrilova, designer, is sometimes named "Russian Ikebana" for its filigree craftsmanship and exquisite simpliciti of her arrangements the delicate material for many years (80 years and more).

Russia, Moscow , Monetchikovskiy per., 17-12
Educational programs for Moscow and regions: Gardeners- designers, Flower garden designing, Room plants and winter gardens.
Botanical Garden of Tver State University
Services, Scientific organizations
Russia, Tverskaya obl, Tver, Zhelyabova St., 33
The Botanical Garden of Tver State University is located in the historical centre of Tver near the confluence of the rivers the Volga and Tvertsa.
Russia, Belgorodskaya obl, Belgorod, Pirogova St., 36
The studio offers an exquisite gift from the sugar composition of flowers, different fruits and vegetables, floral materials (dried flowers and artificial flowers) for any celebration.
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Darda Irina
Russia, Moscow
All courses artistic packaging gifts and floral works.
Designer BOOKS
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Internet shop
Books and magazines for professional florists, landscape designers and architects.
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