Biochemical Technologies Ltd.

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Russia, Moscow , Shchipkovskiy pereulok, 1, bldg 1
+7 499 235-8275
+7 499 235-7255

Biochemical Technologies Ltd., one of the companies in "Russian Gold" group, is the first national producer of organic preparations. The company presents "Ecogel"® (BAK "Ecogel"®), biologically active complex, innovative means for plant protection, growth stimulation and raising of yields.
Preparation is produced on the chitosan lactate base thus being a natural phytoimmunomodulator which activates natural signal and protective systems of plants. Application of BAK "Ecogel"® permits to lower production costs and to raise profitability.

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  • Удобрения, почвогрунты, средства защиты
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