AgricoirLanka International (Pvt) Limited

Manufacture, Wholesale
Sri Lanka, 203, Continental Park, Adnives Road, Negombo, 11500, Sri Lanka
+94 31312-0010

AgricoirLanka is a leading Sri Lankan coco substrates and coco slabs manufacturer, distributor and exporter. We manufacture Growbags, Gerbera disks, 5kg Bales, 25kg Bales, Briquettes, Coir pots and much more. We cater for requiremens of professional hydroponic greenhouse growers all over the world. We produce customized products such as customized Coco slabs, Coco cubes, Grow mats and other chips and coco peat products according to greenhouse specifications. Our factory is located in the Sri Lanka coconut triangle and our directors are in the coco peat and coir export business since the inception. Furthermore we are equipped with highly professional staff experienced in product development, quality control and supply chain management. We have an excellent international marketing network with an european based division in Italy and we are currently exporting to 26 countries worldwide.

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  • Удобрения, почвогрунты, средства защиты
  • Оборудование для теплиц и открытого грунта
  • Оборудование для зеленого бизнеса
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