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Agroteh, Company
Retail, Services, Internet shop
Russia, Moscow , Ivana Susanina St., 2a

We offer: seeds, garden implements, fertilizers, etc. We also render services in the field of landscape design.

Garden Pharmacy, Medical Social & Industrial Adaptation Center
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow , Leninskiy prospect, 44

CMSPA Center presents its project Garden Pharmacy – conceptual approach to laying parks, gardens, alleys, lawns, curative gardening, recreational, educational and creative usage of landscape architecture with an allowance for hereditary peculiarities and social traditions of the user.

Barvinok / Podgayko N., Businessman
Wholesale, Retail, Internet shop, Garden center
Russia, Voronezhskaya obl, Novousmansk d., Babyakovo, per. Uyzhnyi, 14
Goods for landscaping.
Russia, Moscow , Gilyarovskogo St., 57, office 330

VENLO Projecten Holding B.V.specializing in "turn key" construction and reconstruction of modern industrial greenhouse complexes.

Galassi Sementi SRL
Wholesale, Manufacture
Italy, P.O. Box 55, 47035 Gambettola (FC) Italy
Our more than 50 years of experience in the production, selection and marketing of vegetable and gardering seeds has enabled us to increase our presence on the italian and on the international market considerably.

Manufacture, Wholesale, Retail, Nursery
Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray
Growing of ornamental plants.
The company LAND DESIGN is engaged in landscaping and landscaping of various levels of complexity in the territory from 0.5 acres to 5 hectares.
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