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Netherlands, Post box 1072, 1430 BB Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

Wesseling started exporting flowers and plants in 1963 and gradually developed into a worldwide export business.

Poland, Jozefoslaw, ul. Wilanowska 1, 05-500 Piaseczno
We produce coniferous and deciduous nursery stock in containers, including grafted plants.
Russia, Moscow , Vavilova St., 28
The company supplies to the Russian market the entire range of coconut peel processed products.
Wodar Sp. z o.o.
Wholesale, Manufacture
Poland, ul. Pelczynska 146, 51-180 Wroclaw

Manufacturer of garden implements.

Wojciech GRABCZEWSKI Szkolka Runow
Wholesale, Manufacture, Nursery
Poland, Runow, ul. Kwitnaca 10, 05-504 Zlotoklos, wojewodztwo mazowieckie, Poland
Wide choice of decorative plants: perennials, conifers, deciduous shrubs and trees, both field, and container grown.
Workshop of ceramics
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture, Internet shop
Russia, Tverskaya obl
We offer flower pots, home and summer place utensils, etc.

Landscape design service.

Russia, Moscow
Topiary art courses.Landart projecting of privet gardens. Professional garden tools and books sale. Realization of topiary frames.
Workshop of Vladimir Milutin
Retail, Services, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow

Workshop of Vladimir Milutin -  woodcarving, industrial design, décor. Decorating and furnishing restaurants, cafés, saunas, bathhouses and gardens. Playgrounds for children. Presents, souvenirs, trophy's and more.

Russia, Moscow , Zvezdhyi b-r., 21, bld. 3, office 509
World of plants. Magazine for specialists and everybody who is fond of flowers! Every month you can read exclusive materials about plants in the house, garden and nature, news of horticulture, advices for choosing and handling plants. Numerous illustrations, high printing quality.

Poland, ul. Ropczycka 5, PL 61-316 Poznan, wojewodztwo wielkopolskie Poland
We recommend rooted cuttings of deciduous and coniferous plants, young nursery stock – container and field grown, and container and field grown bush of roses.