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Falento Flowers
Retail, Services, Internet shop
Russia, Moscow
Flowers in a hatbox. Making banquet halls. Wedding floristry.
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Family nursery Dorofeeva
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Nursery
Russia, Voronezhskaya obl, Voronezh, Safronova St., 38
Family nursery Dorofeeva 2006 growers recognized varieties of fruit crops for the Central Black Earth region.
FarEast Experiment Station VNIIR
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery, Scientific organizations
Russia, Primorskiy kray, Vladivostok g, Vavilova St., 9
It has a collection of fruit crops and grapes.
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Pushkinskiy r-n, Pushkino, Klyazma mkr, Polevaya Str., 12
We specialize in container growing of large-size ornamental water and marsh plants (about 300 species) for rapid and pretty decoration of natural and artificial water bodies.
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Farm "Sad" Pomoleiko A.V.
Manufacture, Wholesale, Farmstead
The largest producer of seedlings in the north of Belarus.
Italy, Via Fabbriche 21 - Fabbriche di Casabasciana 55022 Bagni di Lucca Italy

The high quality production of garden pots in roto-cast polyethylene lightweight material, a wide range of various animals and garden statues.

Farmstead Dvornik N.
Wholesale, Nursery
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Ozerskiy r-n

Nursery of ornamental plants.

Farmstead Gaydukov T.
Wholesale, Manufacture, Farmstead
Russia, Tulskaya obl, Bogoroditskiy r-n, Shakhterskiy kh, 86

We offer seeds.

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