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Garden Pharmacy, Medical Social & Industrial Adaptation Center
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow , Leninskiy prospect, 44

CMSPA Center presents its project Garden Pharmacy – conceptual approach to laying parks, gardens, alleys, lawns, curative gardening, recreational, educational and creative usage of landscape architecture with an allowance for hereditary peculiarities and social traditions of the user.

G&G Cargo Service offers a complete range of air and ocean freight options to ship perishable goods within time and handling constraints.

Galapagos Flores
Wholesale, Manufacture
Ecuador, Rio Topo 140 y Av. de la Prensa, Quito, Ecuador
In Tabacundo-ECUADOR, the equatorial sun, cold mountain breeze, and effort of our people combine to produce roses of the best quality.
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GARDA patio mebel
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture
Russia, Moscow
We offer garden furniture for home and recreation.
Garden & Koala
Wholesale, Manufacture
Manufacture of decorative indoor and outdoor potted plants. 28 years of experience in the field of horticulture.
Garden Center
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture, Scientific organizations
Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, Krasnodar g, 40 let Pobedy St., 39

Production, wholesale and retail sale a wide range of planting stock flowers, fruit plants.

Garden center "Astra" / "Astrasad" Ltd.
Wholesale, Retail, Nursery, Internet shop, Garden center
Russia, Tyumenskaya obl, Tyumenskiy r-n, Lugovoe s, Plodovaya St., 7
Garden center.

Garden Center "Landshaft"
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Nursery, Garden center
Russia, Penzenskaya obl
Ornamental trees and shrubs, conifers, saplings of fruit and berry crops, roses, perennial flowers, seedlings and garden products. Planting material is represented by its own production plants, and brought from European nurseries and Russian timber enterprises.
Garden center Golyanovo
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Garden center
Russia, Moscow , Kurganskaya St., 6
Landscape design. Landscape planning. Wholesale trade in planting stock. Landscaping garden center "Goljanivo".
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