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E. den Dekker B.V.
Netherlands, Witboomstraat 14a, Venus 151, 2675 LN Honselersdijk, the Netherlands
The company’s primarily business is the export of plants to all the countries within Europe.
E.T. s.r.l.
Wholesale, Manufacture
Italy, Regione Poggi, 38 – 17031 Albenga (SV) Italy
Production of irrigation systems.
Eco-AgTi, Ltd.
Wholesale, Manufacture
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Korolev g, Dzerzhinskogo St., 26, office 327, 141070

We produce and sell: Liquid organic fertilizers BIUD based on horse and cattle manure for dressing indoor and outdoor flowering plants; Composts BIUD for flowering, ornamental and vegetable plants comprising peat, bio compost, dolomite, sand, expanded clay (keramsite), vermiculite and horn-hoof meal; Expanded vermiculite BIUD is highly effective, ecologically clean natural soil modifier; Expanded clay (keramsite); Agro drainage of different fractions; Horn-hoof meal BIUD.

Eco-Marin Ltd.
Russia, Moscow , 6 Novopodmoskovnyi per., 10, off. 14

We offer a wide range of grounds.

Eco-Sad Service
Wholesale, Retail, Services, Garden center
Russia, Moscow
Landscape design service.
Ecobiotica, Ltd.
Wholesale, Retail, Manufacture, Internet shop
Russia, Moskovskaya obl, Dmitrov g, Professionalnaya St., 26/1, office 716
Ecobiotica has been selling high quality fertilizers and lawn grass seeds of ECOstyle, Holland company, on the Russian market.
Russia, Moscow , Kastanaevskaya St. 14a
We offer goods for home and garden.
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